Building Legato for Non-Sierra Hardware

I’m interested in using the Legato framework on non-Sierra hardware. To that end, I’m trying to create a minimalist linux distro, starting from the Sierra’s Yocto distribution.

Obviously, we need cgroup and smack built into the kernel just to get started. Then there’s the question of the Legato-specific additions.

At a minimum, what Legato-related recipes do I need to include in my kernel/distro. And, is there a specific location they like to be mounted?

Hello cholmes,

Before starting from yocto sources:

Warning, Legato framework uses some proprietary platform adaptors.

  • fwupdate,
  • legato-PlatformAdaptor-QmiBin-arXXX,
  • legato-PlatformAdaptor-QmiBin-audio).

Make your custom legato-af without this proprietary adaptors.
A good example is legato-af for Raspi.
Check your custom legato-af works and your target.

After, your can copy legato-af, legato-image and legato-init recipes in your yocto project.

Best regards,

Hello @spastor,

Could you kindly elaborate on the platform adaptors?

I am trying to install Legato on Raspberry pi and the make fails stating that the platform adaptors are missing. Could you please tell me in a bit detail as to how to go about this issue.

I am a noob_level developer trying to work with legato.


Some Sierra modules rely on a Qualcomm platform, which is why QMI PAs (platform adaptors) are required.

On Raspberry Pi these QMI PAs are not necessary, and AT PAs can be used for instance (which can be used with an AT modem).
Another possibility is to create a minimalist system that doesn’t have any platform service (modemServices, audioService, … cf default.sdef).

In any case trying to port Legato on a new platform is quite a challenging task at the moment :confused: