FX30 GPS data read on host Linux Machine

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Need your guidance on this topic. Before we start on this

FX30 Sierra Cellular modem running Legato.

Our requirement is to use GPS location fix from FX30 modem running Legato. So that GPS location data (Latitude, Longitude and ALtitude) all we can transfer to host machine running Linux via Ethernet interface

As i understood please correct me, there is /dev/nmea port, avialable on Legato FX30

  1. I can set up /dev/nmea port using AT commnads to start and stop GPS data. or do I need to create a Legato App for the same ?

  2. Not sure how will I read this GPS data from another Linux host machine from FX30, specify any pointers on this.

  3. No need to create a Legato App for the above to read GPS data ?

  4. Or I need to create a Legato App ?

  5. Or point any document where I can start working on this,

  6. If you have better idea on the same please suggest

Thanks in advance

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Hi All,

Missed the point below

To get the GPS location fix from FX30 to another Host machine via Ethernet interface, Do i need to divert data from /dev/nmea port to ethernet or there is any other alternative ?

Or I should write a Legato app to do the same ?

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Any update on this guys, it will help.


Hi @somkadam,
One clarification here, You need the GPS location data from FX30 to host PC via Ethernet interface ONLY?

Muralidhara N.

Hi Murali

Thanks for responding.

Yes Murali I require from Ethernet interface only, in our product it the requirment,
I have seen the GNSS position API, where I can have lattitude,longitude and altitude in Legato application.
What I am not sure is how do I transfer this data to Host or any other machine, using ethernet interface.

Please suggest if you have any pointers

thanks in advance

Hi @somkadam,
Why can’t you try SCP ? i.e., After you read the GNSS data (lattitude,longitude and altitude), copy the data to a text file in the format which you want and transfer the same text file to host PC using SCP ?

Currently this is the idea i can think, Will let you know if i come across anything better. Let me know if this suggestion helped you.

Muralidhara N.

Thanks Mural if ro the feedback.

What I am not sure is Legat app stores data in a file, wether that file will be accessible from Linux ?



Yes, it will be accessible from the linux. One thing is your legato application should be usandboxed if you want to open the new file and write the data into it. usuallly /tmp/ folder will have read and write access, You can create the file in /tmp/.

Muralidhara N.

Thanks Murali for the information.