Legato recovery wizard sometimes doesn't find device


I’m using several WP76xx samples on our custom boards for a few months now.
I am able to perform software updates (Linux, Legato and app) without any problem, using fwupdate, swiflash or Developer Studio (Flash firmware from external file).
I can setup SSH connections between my host PC and the custom boards without any issue.

But, when I try to erase the user partition with swiflash, or try to execute the DS Legato recovery wizard, some of my samples can not be detected. Return code: No device connected.
When I put the BOOT pin to LOW and reboot the board, these devices still can’t be detected.

How is it possible that there is ‘No device connected’ according to the Legato recovery wizard, while I can flash a .cwe file without any problem?


Hi @annaertd,

About DS, are the following conditions valid? if the ttyUSBx ports are not available … I think the Sierra drivers are not installed.