Fast legato app download in production

I’m trying to setup a download station to load my legato app in WP7603 in a production environment. This process is very long partly due to the fact I need to wait more than 30s just for the initial enumeration to be complete this is really impacting my production timing.
I checked the FDT application note:
but I didn’t find any info to help improving this timing…

Is there any way to shorten the enumeration and be able to start the download faster?


Hi, hopes below steps could fulfill your requirement:

  1. Boot up module with Pin 47 pull low corresponding to MangOH Green SW401 multi-switch signal control jumper 7, then module will boot up in Boot&Hold mode with only DM port available.

  2. On windows PC, in case you need to load the custom legato image and cannot use the exe file directly, we have fdt2 tools to load the custom image into the module.
    The command line tools and user guide is on online

  3. Then can create a windows batch file for running tools in script mode for automated loading.

Hi @jordanZhao. Appreciate the quick feedback. It looks like what I was looking for. I’ll give it a try.

I can confirm as well, the Boot&Hold mode should be way faster, and you can either use fdt (Windows) or swiflash (Linux & Windows)