How to auto reset app or module


I have use WP7605 module with firmware R13.3. I have wrote to app to get an gnss data and connect to LTE but sometime it cannot get IP address , receive SMS or cannot read GNSS data. So, while the app have one of those problem I want module to auto reset and connect to those condition again.

Which command I have to use in legato app??

you can see here to use faultaction:

How can program know which condition that I want to reset??

to check IP address, you can see the GetNetworkConfiguration() here in the CM tool:

to check if you can receive SMS, you can send a SMS to yourself.

You can also use “gnss get status” to check gnss device’s current status:

I already add faultAction: reboot in adef file and add exit(1) at the error position to reboot it. But it still not auto reboot the wp7605 module(as pic). How to do??

You can use my application:
hello1.rar (82.7 KB)

after "app start hello1’, module will reboot