Unable to install legato-17.09.0 AF

Hi Team,

I am unable to install legato application framework in my pc. Could you please fix this issue or I need to fallow further steps to install properly.

Please help me out.

I fallowed below steps for installation which are present in README.md doc:


To install the Legato framework on your development PC
  1. Clone it from GitHub or untar a release archive into a directory

  2. cd into that directory

  3. Run make

To configure your bash shell’s environment for the Legato application build tools

Source bin/configlegatoenv:

$ . bin/configlegatoenv

OR, run the interactive bash shell bin/legs:

$ bin/legs

I am getting this kind of errror. 

sed > tinycbor.pc < /home/murali/Downloads/legato-17.09.0/3rdParty/tinycbor/tinycbor.pc.in \
	-e 's,@prefix@,/usr/local,' \
	-e 's,@exec_prefix@,/usr/local,' \
	-e 's,@libdir@,/usr/local/lib,' \
	-e 's,@includedir@,/usr/local/include,' \
	-e 's,@version@,0.4.2,'
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/murali/Downloads/legato-17.09.0/build/wp85/system/component/d7eaf3d4e62ee8895ca515cd63dc914c'
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
Makefile:410: recipe for target 'system_wp85' failed
make: *** [system_wp85] Error 1


Hi @Ges_lte, did you install all the packages needed? (as mentionned in the README.md)