DS3: Remote System Explorer Upload


I’ve found another feature in DS3.

I’ve built my application, and connected to the Legato using the Remote System Explorer SSH perspective.

When I pick up my application and drag it to the legato->Scp Files->My Home folder, the executable is SCP’d across OK, then I get the following error:

Dialog Box title: org.eclipse.rse.services.ssh:E
Contents: setLastModified() no supported

Edit: Here’s the picture now that thibs has tweaked the forum settings:


When I ssh into the legato, the file is there but I need to chmod +x to set the executable bits.

daav: can you reproduce this, or have I get a setup problem.

ciao, Dave

Yes, we have it too.
The SCP feature is directly integrated from standard Eclipse RSE project, and the issue seems to be in their implementation.
It’s annoying but seems not to be blocking.
Anyway we’ll have a look to check what we can do.

Hi daav,

Cool, no problems. We just need to add it to the list of ‘workarounds’.

ciao, Dave

I reproduce the problem with a raspi.
Something seems to be badly implemented with the “Remote systems” tree brought with RSE feature.
I reproduce the problem with files from “Project explorer” and my file browser (Thunar).

I don’t know if we can fix this easily as it seems to be part of RSE implementation.
The workaround is quite simple, aknowledge the error and manually set the +x manually with the “Property” dialog on the item.

By the way, this is not really how legato application should be installed, just by curiosity, why do you install application this way?


Thanks for confirming this is not just happening to me.

Well… I have a fairly serious application that is running on two other ARM platforms and I thought that it would be a good idea to see if I could build it on the Legato. So I am just using the Legato GCC Linux builder at the moment.

I need some more time to wrap my head around the new methods of building Legato Applications.

ciao, Dave

After some investigation, the problem is because we support file transfert over SCP.
If we switch over SFTP, I don’t have the error message anymore and It does not seem to break any other feature so this will likely be fixed in the next release.

Thanks for reporting the problem.

Unfortunatly for now the Yocto Linux used by Legato does not embed an SFTP server.
It uses dropbear which does not provide SFTP.
I did my tests on a raspi which uses openssh-server, not dropbear.
We are discussing about the possibility to include an SFTP server, but for now we cannot fix your issue.


[quote=“sebseb”]Unfortunatly for now the Yocto Linux used by Legato does not embed an SFTP server.
It uses dropbear which does not provide SFTP.[/quote]
You get that.

This method of copying files using SCP/drag and drop between the development host and Legato is detailed in Legato Alpha-B Delivery Note, section Connecting to Legato Devices, under the option File System[quote]In order to exchange files with the target, resources can be dragged and dropped between the Remote Systems view and the Project Explorer view.[/quote]

As this functionality is being provided by DS I think we need to keep this as an open bug.

ciao, Dave

p.s. I would be interested in being able to use the Raspberry Pi as a target too. Any hints would be appreciated.

Ta, Dave