DS 5.3.1 How can I build one Legato application project for different targets


I’ve created a Legato application in DS 5.3.1 which runs on a WP8548 with Legato 16.10.4.
The DS Target Platform is “Legato for WP85/WP75 R15 16.10.4” which uses the GCC cross compiler toolchain 1.7.3 to build my app.
When I used the Preferences window to change the Target Platform into “Legato for WP76 R9 18.3.0”, I expected that my project build would initiate a make-process for wp76 using the the GCC cross compiler toolchain 2.2.3 .

Is this the correct way to swap the Target Platform for a Legato Application?



You should right click the project, select property, and go to the" legato application "to select the correct platform.

Indeed, the “Target Platform” settings are project-specific.
The Preference page only allows you to create “custom” ones (by mixing components for very specific use cases).

Small remark: right clicking the project never shows ‘legato application’.
In DS 5.3.1 I need to select the project properties via the main window menu navigation to see the ‘legato application’ settings.
see the 2 screenshots in attachment



Hi @annaertd

well… quite weird behavior, that I can’t reproduce…
Gracefully, there is the Alt + Enter shortcut (if this one works…)