Device mangOH green seems to be off?

Hi all!
I have a mangOH green with wp7607 module. I configured a sim and I registered it in AirVantage. The problem is that on AirVantage the system is activated only at that precise moment and then that’s it, also if I give hearthbeath commands every 15 minutes:
The connection status remains undefined:

Moreover, on my PC I see this modem off:

Have I to do something to activate the modem or could be it an error?


you can use AT+CFUN=1 to activate the module.

I tried:

But I can’t see any change

you can also check AT!GSTATUS?
and see if the module is registered to network.

It seems to be registered:

But off

then that mean the module is ON.

So why I have problems on AirVantage?

Not sure if communication status is equal to module status.

So have I to make available the communication or should be it available by default?

Why so you concern on this chart?
If you want to connect to avms, you can type at+wdss=1,1

okay finally can see when there will be the next communication :star_struck::

It think it’s working well, right?