Dev kit CAD data


We would like to look at developing our own WP7 hardware - at this stage a proof of concept.

Is the WP7 dev kit and socket up design ECAD data available to share with us ?

The reason I ask is it we would like to reuse some of the design and using your CAD would reduce the chances of error for us

Thanks in advance



I’ll second John’s request. I’m also starting to look at some hardware design so anything that’s available will be usefull.

Ta, Dave

Hi guys,

Please have a look here: … atics.aspx


Hi Thibault

Just finally got around to checking the CAD data - actually the currently supplied SW data is CAM data (gerber)- the data used to manufacture the PCB - this is a plot of the design not the actual design.

I really would like the design CAD files off the tool which was used to implement the PCA design - e.g. Orcad , Mentor , Cadence …

Any chance we could have this data?

The Beaglebone black has open source CAD data - e.g.
[url]Beagleboard:BeagleBoneBlack -
The cad tools used by them were Cadence Orcad for schematics and Cadence Allegro for PCB layout

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Right. Let me check with the team.


Hi Guys

Any progress tracking down the source CAD data for the dev kit? If you PM to me the HW teams phone number I don’t mind asking them direct :laughing:

Maybe the HW dev kit reference designs should be open source like the software (github)? that way any bugs, manufacturing issues … spotted in the community can be fed back