When will I receive my dev kit?

Hi everyone,

First of all, happy new year to you, and welcome to the Legato forum (restricted for now)!

Your dev kits are currently being shipped from the factory to Sierra Wireless locations where they need to be prepared before we can send them to you guys.

I met with the PLM this morning, and his current estimation puts these dev kits at your respective locations between the end of next week (Jan-17) and the end of the week after (Jan-24) – all of you guys should not receive these dev kits at the same time.

Meanwhile, we’ll provide you with the documentation on an hidden page of the Dev Zone, and will link it from this forum.

Any question/comment? Feel free to start posting here :slight_smile:


What’s a “PLM” :question:

Sorry. PLM stands for “Product Line Manager” or “Product Manager”.

(how comes I didn’t get the notification of your reply… sorry for the delay)