Config tool missing from system and command line

Hi guys !

I’m trying to build a yocto + legato system, and port some apps over that were developed way back on 16.10.1, on to this new build which is based on 16.10.3.

Everything works fine, the old apps run perfectly well and I can get a .cwe file except for one problem: some of the old apps used scripts that called the config command line tool ( as in “config get <devicetree_node>”, config set … etc ".

Looking through the sdef, other command line tools are defined as follows:

cm = tools:/bin/cm
fwupdate = tools:/bin/fwupdate
secstore = tools:/bin/secstore
pmtool = tools:/bin/pmtool
gnss = tools:/bin/gnss
uartMode = tools:/bin/uartMode

These tools are in the legato/apps/tools/ directory. My question is, how can I add the config command line tool to my build ? where does it live and how is it included into a legato system package to be available for apps ?

(Apps that use the config tool are running in a sandbox. The sandbox process creates a link to /legato/systems/current/bin/config but the link target is missing. Opening a shell and trying to use the config command from the command line also doesn’t work; there is no config executable anywhere on the target)

thanks !


Ok, i found the makefile which build the config binary ( in /legato/targetTools )…there were some spaces in the line for the config rule where there should have been tabs - schoolboy error :confused:

Anyway, now I am getting a missing binding error between the script and le_cfg - however i dont know why, the script that uses config only calls it as a binary.


Can you share application , definition file and the error log
Which module and release are you using.