Can't mksys a simple project


Hi, I am trying to create a cwe, first by creating an sdef and building using mksys.

My app builds fine using mkapp, I then include it in the sdef and build using mksys and get the following binding error

"Binding to non-existent server app ‘avcService’

I am building with R14 or 16.10.1.m3 for wp85 (FX30).

It is possible my sdef file is to simple with



I added the interfaceSearch bit, to hopefully help it resolve the binding, but that did not work.

What am I missing?




Did you include the legato default.sdef?


No I did not, here should I include that? In the sdef I created or the command line?


I think you should include in sdef file


Thanks for the info @jyijyi R14 (16.10.1.m3) does not seem to recognise “#include” in the sdef file. I get the error

Unexpected charachter: ‘#’

Any thoughts?

My sdef now looks like

#include "$LEGATO_ROOT/default.sdef"


    $LEGATO_ROOT/interfaces/airVantage   // Dir containing Legato AirVantage services APIs.


I copied the content of default.sdef into my sdef which has worked.



I just tried the following and no problem is found:
owner@CNHKG-EX-001367:~/legato/packages/legato.framework.16.10.3.wp85-wp750x-201705031608/resources/legato$ make wp85

So I think you can modify /legato/packages/legato.framework.16.10.3.wp85-wp750x-201705031608/resources/legato/system.sdef and put your application into it to build.


@jyijyi thanks for the reply. As mentioned moments before your post I managed to do a straight mksys, copying in the default.sdef file contect.

However when I add -t wp85 to it, I now get

2>  _build_DLC_FX30/wp85/component/58ff4d965687e8773f5f4b1df116b11b/obj/ undefined reference to `pa_uartMode_Set'
2>  _build_DLC_FX30/wp85/component/58ff4d965687e8773f5f4b1df116b11b/obj/ undefined reference to `pa_uartMode_Get'

and it stops at this point… so there might be more I guess…


how about putting your application in /legato/packages/legato.framework.16.10.3.wp85-wp750x-201705031608/resources/legato/system.sdef?

After that you can make the legato cwe image.


Hi @jyijyi, I have managed to make wp85 with the changed system.sdef as suggested. This seems to create a rather small cwe file in the build/wp85 folder. It is only 2.5Mb as opposed to the 55MB 'mcu-rmfw-boot-yocto-legato_wp85.cwe' file I have been using. How to there two files compare?

Are there extra steps for creating the full cwe image I download to the modem?



that big file included all the image, mcu, bootloader, yocto linux, legato.
if you just update the legato app, there is no need to update all of them.


@jyijyi thanks for the quick replies!

That should be fine. Can I include an updated file in my apps cwe file? Or does that need to be part of the larger cwe?

I am basically trying to create a roll back image for for device. Too make sure it always has my app and config on it, so that I can contact it if it resets itself.


you can write a unsandboxed application to modify the


Good idea. Thanks I will go with that for now.