Mksys support information

Hi everyone,

Do you know when legato-af will support mksys & .sdef?

Thank you in advance!

Support is partially there, since you can actually use .sdef files and run mksys to build your system. However, the resulting output isn’t as useful as we’d like, since we don’t have an installer that knows how to install these “system bundles” on target yet. We hope to have that for 15.01, but it has been a busy time for us recently, so I can’t guarantee that 100%.

You can still use mksys to build all your apps in one go, if you’d like (including applying any limit overrides and bindings from the .sdef file to your apps), and then install the applications individually using “instapp”. You’ll find the built applications in the staging area that mksys constructs when it runs.



Thank you for your answer.

I’ve tested mksys with a helloWorld simple application and it works but I couldn’t generate the .ar7 file application in order to install in the target device. I had to run mkapp command after mksys but it generates the app with .adef requirements and not with the .sdef.

Also, in the stagin area a binary file was created (but not an .ar7) ‘compatible’ with my computer (x64) so, I could run it. Probably mksys is not using the toolchain Note: AR7_TOOLCHAIN_DIR is configured with the right toolchain path.

However, this is not an issue for me because I can define my apps limits within each .adef. Although, .sdef will be helpful in the future when the system will become bigger.

Thanks again and I will wait for the complete mksys support in future releases :slight_smile: