Cannot read mangOH green board information from Legato while connecting

Hello all,

Testing the new device of mangOH green development board with an extremely simple HelloWorld sample code. After defining the connection, I tried to connect the connection with the actual target device. But the error message occurs saying " ‘Refresh properties of xxxx’ has encountered a problem", where xxxx is the connection name.

The details of this error are as follows:

Cannot retrieve hardware type
Cannot retrieve CPU info
Cannot retrieve hostname
Cannot retrieve framework version

The radio module that I used is WP8548. The Legato is installed on a virtual machine of Ubuntu 16.04.

What could be wrong?

I think you might be hitting a known issue with modemmanager package. It seems to knock out the ecm interface that provides a network device to the development PC from the WP module. Try to run sudo apt-get remove --purge modemmanager and reboot the VM.

I tried your solution but it does not solve the problem. The same error message still occurs. The communication between the PC and the module is good since I can manage to ping the module.

Hi @lichen

Please can you check your DS version, and share the DS workspace log here?
(<workspace>/.metadata/.log file)

Hi Daav. I today found the DS is too old to support the Legato framework on the WP module. Thanks anyway.

Hi @lichen
Please note that you can upgrade DS, even if installed in a VM.