Advertising Mode in BT modules (Bluez5)

Hi there ,
Did anyone try advertising mode in Bluez5 on WP76xx ?
I have below issue while doing so .
Have tried with multiple BT modules (QC,NRF) is there any limitation of the kernel 3.18.140 ?

root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:/usr/libexec# ./bluetooth/bluetoothd -v
root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# bluetoothctl --v
bluetoothctl: 5.50

[bluetooth]# advertise on

Failed to register advertisement: org.bluez.Error.NotPermitted

@jyijyi Any idea about this ? I could see components in mangoh master .Please share some details on this mangOH/components/bluezDBus at master · mangOH/mangOH · GitHub

Is this 3rd party stuff?

Not sure what are those but looks like they are configurations for different features of Bluez ? But I wanted to know if any of sierra’s clients were successful in using advertising mode in Bluez (with WP76xx modules) .

How about this

Hi @jyijyi ,

Looks like the advertising issue is unresolved as per this link . any pointers on the BluezDbus component in mangoh master ? Also Please try advertise commands with MangoH IOT card at your end

You might also try the app inside this document:

Hi Akshay,

I think you should check the bluez logs to see what is the error and where the permission are denied.

Can you help to post the bluez logs with the error.

Thanks & Regards,

Pankaj Sant

Hi Pankaj ,
Please find the attached Bluez (BTMON) Logs for your reference .
UX101advertise_hcicmd.t_btmonxt (34.3 KB)

@akshaysk ,

From your logs there seems to be no error on Linux or Legato side. As you are using bluez, can you check with your BLE module support if they need any specific version of Bluez. Alternatively you can send them the logs and BLE module vendor should be able to support you further.


Hi @Pankaj / @jyijyi ,

Can you explain how it seems to be no error on Linux or Legato side ? Because the BT module works on Raspberry Pi and Laptop . On the other end the advertising mode doesn’t seems to be working on MangoH yellow . If we can share the working logs to the BT module vendor they could be able to verify the same and make necessary changes in their firmware .

Note : We are observing this issue with qca9377 as well .

Hi Akshay,

If you go through the logs there are no errors reported, the disconnect reason is from remote user disconnection. so obviously the protocol seems to be working correctly.

I believe it would be good to check with the Bluetooth module for the causes for remote disconnection and provide the debug logs to the BT vendor to identify the cause.

Only with this information you should be able to do any changes further if required.

Hi Akshay

I hope your issue related to advertising is resolved now as per the logs.
bluetooth advertising working logs.txt (21.4 KB)
bluetooth advertising working logs-2.txt (135.4 KB)