[SOLVED] Add Bluetooth stack in WP85 yocto legato kernel 16.07



I’m trying to add bluetooth stack and driver for the bluetooth/wifi combo device WL18XX.
The Yocto used to build kernel and image is yocto legato 16.07.

Yocto builds a bootable image as long as I don’t add this only one kernel config: CONFIG_BT.
If the kernel is built with this config, WP85 can’t boot anymore it prints NO MISC PARTITION.

The only thing I can after this is to flash the WP85 through USB with your tool.

With a previous version of your Legato Legato (maybe 15.XX) we could add Bluetooth kernel config without problem.

  • How can I solve this problem ?

PS: adding this BT config is the only change to the default kernel config provided by your Yocto.




you can find a wiki page here giving an example to add WL18xx Bluetooth support in legato yocto linux distribution: https://github.com/mangOH/mangOH/wiki/Bluetooth-WL18xx-driver-for-mangOH




I would think you’re ending up with a kernel that is too big and cannot be loaded into RAM, resulting in what your observed.

Try to build CONFIG_BT as a module instead (like in https://github.com/mangOH/mangOH/wiki/Bluetooth-WL18xx-driver-for-mangOH), as this should not add any size to the kernel itself.




Thanks for your replies.

Building kernel with the CONFIG_BT as a module solved the issue.

Regards !


Hello, I’m new to the mangoh world and I just discovered how to compile last days (it’s a cool OS by the way)

I’m trying to add bluetooth, I have no errors but I can’t build mdm9x15-image-minimal

The message is: “available image: core-image-minimal”

Did you have this issue? Thank you very much


For information, I have an Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS version