Legato Bluetooth app

I want to write the bluetooth legato app for init, scan and connect for the target FX30(WP76xx).

For init i got one legato application of BluetoothUtil from https://github.com/mangOH/Demos for mangOH board. i tried the same for WP76xx.
Can Somebody help me for some reference to write the app?

Hi ana1,
You can refer this link https://github.com/mangOH/Demos/blob/master/BluetoothUtil/bluetoothUtil.adef
Best Regards,

Hi bharath_08,
Thanks for the reply. Actually I was following this link only. The script is running in the background but I am not able to understand how do i connect through this script. Because The messages of the script can be only seen through logread. How can i give mac-id of device to connect as i am not getting any prompt in terminal to enter?