Adding newest version Legato Framework into Developer Studio


I am a new user of the Legato framework and DS platform.

I have the latest DS version (5.3.1) installed in my development environment and I am trying to debug (via cross-compilation) a simple application (helloWorld) with the Legato Framework 18.07.0 in a mangOH Red board.

I followed the procedure above to include this newest package. The compilation goes fine as well the execution of the application in the board in normal mode.

But when I trigger the debug mode, I get the following error message:


The log tab shows the message: “proc.c proc_Start() 1366 | Could not exec ‘bin/gdbserver’. Permission denied.

I did many investigations, searches and tests, mainly related to permission issues, but without success.

If I use the Legato package 16.10.4, I have no problem to execute the same helloWorld application in debug mode.

Do you know any hint to fix this problem?

Or is it a limitation or known issue of the current solution, and I have to wait for the next release?

Thanks in advance,

Daniel Andrade.