Add support for wilink8 bluetooth in kernel of yocto Legato 16.04 for WP85


On my custom board I have a WP85 and the same bluetooth chip of the WL18XX wifi/bt combo.

To be able to communicate with the bluetooth chip I have to add those kernel config:

To build the kernel and create a new rootfs with several 3dparties libraries I use the yocto Legato 16.04 (fwupdate query returned on the target).

The problem is that the generated cwe with these kernel configs break my WP85 and I can’t see anything on the USB. I can’t connect to it through ssh or reflash it with the sierra tool.

However if I generate a cwe image with only this kernel config: CONFIG_BT=y I can successfully update the kernel and rootfs.

  1. Can you explain me why this is happening ?
  2. If no more USB interface is detected on windows and Linux, is it still possible to restore the WP85 ?