Customize linux distrubtion for WP85


I am working on the mangoh, we have already generated a linux with Legato-Dist-Source-mdm9x15-15.08.0.Beta.tar.bz2. I have also updated the firmware of the mangoh.
And now I would like to customize the image by activating or disabling devices/bus as SPI or UART. Yocto build an image based on the kernel 3.4 so there is not the devicetree.

  1. So my question is, how and where can we customize our image without devicetree ?

On WP85 pinout we can see:
51 Core SPI1 SPI1_MRDY
52 Core SPI1 SPI1_MISO
53 Core SPI1 SPI1_CLK
54 Core SPI1 SPI1_MOSI

and :
92 Extension SPI2 Reserved
93 Extension SPI2 Reserved
94 Extension SPI2 Reserved
95 Extension SPI2 Reserved

  1. Which spi is used on the legato linux distribution when we have /dev/sierra_spi and where the attribution of those pins are done in the kernel ?

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Anybody ?


We don’t support the WP85 on kernel 3.4. Where did you get the source code from? The supported kernel on the WP85 is 3.14.



With the tarball Legato-Dist-Source-mdm9x15-15.08.0.Beta.tar.bz2 that can be downloaded on your web site when we build the yocto distribution with the default BSP swi-mdm9x15, a yocto-legato_wp85.cwe is created and the fwupdate seems to be ok.

If this .cwe is not the right one then how can I specify to yocto to build a distribution for the WP85 with the right yocto using the kernel 3.14 ?
I already have your last yocto based on kernel 3.14 and legato 15.09.