WP85 rollback - probation and marked good 16.10.1.m3

I am little confused by the various documentation sources and forum posts - I am seeking clarity over the question of system part rollbacks.

This a list of system parts as I understand it - is this everything or am I missing something?

  • Firmware .cwe
  • Linux .cwe
  • Base Legato .cwe
  • Overlay Legato .update

Which parts of the WP85 system does the term “probation” apply to?
Which parts does the term “marked good” apply to?

For the different system parts

  1. How do I list what is in “probation”?
  2. How do I list what is “marked good”?
  3. Is “marked good” the opposite of “probation”?
  4. How do I “mark good” the individual system parts?

Hi @johnofleek

Simple tip: anything you install with a cwe file simply can’t rollback, because there is no stored alternative image to rollback to.
In other words, the only part which is “under probation” after an install is Legato overlay .update install.

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Hi David

Thanks that’s what I thought.
Maybe someone could add the statement to the legato.io documentation :grinning: