[WP77][R14.1][19.11.5] Gnss power consumption


I am facing a behavior that seems to be suspicious on gnss side.
It seems that if gnss is started and stopped at least once (le_gnss_start or with legato command “gnss start” and then le_gnss_Stop or “gnss stop”), the wp77 power consumption increases by 15mA between before the first gnss start and after the first gnss stop.
Even if gnss is disabled the wp77 consumption never comes black to what it was.
Is this a known behavior ?


I remember I saw this in the past but I cannot find a way to bring the current back to normal.
you need to contact distributor to report this in order to get a fix.


Thanks you for your answer.
We did some tests with other firmware versions and here our results :

  • R11 to R13 gnss power consumption OK
  • R14.1 and R15.1 gnss power consumption stays higher than before first gnss start

So I suppose a bug has been introduced between R13 and R14.1.
Is a fix can be expected quickly or not ?

On the other hand I would like to generate a custom spk with what is included in R13 for the modem firmware and with our custom rootfs generated with yocto provided for R14.1 and legato version 19.11.5 .

1- First, is it possible/compatible ?
2- How can I do that as spk generated with swicwe command could never be installed on wp77 whereas I could to it the same way on wp85 ?


Swicwe can be applied to wp77 module


Can you give the right command Line to use to generate the spk for wp77 with what is generated from yocto and legato framework please ?

Currently I am using this command Line but nothing is flashed :
Swicwe -c 9999999_9907618_SWI9X06Y_02.36.06.00_00_GENERIC_001.071_001.spk /home/test/.leaf/wp77-toolchain_SWI9X06Y_02.36.07.00-linux64/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/usr/lib/swiflash/reset/wp77xx/reset.cwe /home/test/Project/Firmware/Yocto_wp77xx_R14.1/build_bin/tmp/deploy/images/swi-mdm9x28-wp/yocto_wp77xx.4k.cwe /home/test/Project/legato-19.11.5/build/wp77xx/legato.cwe -o WP77_Release14.1_CUSTOM_SPK.spk

If I do fwupdate with these legato.cwe and this yocto cwe I can flash my wp77 successfully but with the generated spk my board only reboot After the spk download and then nothing append

Thanks for the help


how about removing reset.cwe?