Low power with SMS Event wake up

Is there any tricky way to enter in low consumption keeping GSM connected enabling to quit low power when a specific SMS is received ?
Thanks in advance.

You could look into connecting the ring indicator pin (UART1_RI) to one of the GPIOs that can cause a wakeup from USB-SS mode. See the product technical specification document (for your module) for more detail. Note that I haven’t tried this myself, but I think it should work.


I just tried on WP770x, with “cm sms monitor &”, and then unplug the USB cable, the module will be in sleep mode. (no response on UART console)
And then I send a SMS to my WP770x, it will wake up for awhile and print out the received SMS.
Is this OK for you?

Thanks dfrey !
Not sure I can work on the hardware (already existing), but I will have a look.
Theoretically, it should work, yes.

Thanks jyijyi !
I will test on my wp85 and let you know.

HI @sricardo
did you have a chance to test the suggestion?
is the issue still present?
best regards