[WP76xx][license] License document for our legato evnironment

Currently, we use that;

  • Developer Studio 5.3.1
  • Linux Distribution R13.3
  • kernel(Linux Distribution R13.3) 3.18.131
  • Yocto(Linux Distribution R13.3) 2.5
  • Base Legato System 19.02.0

In this case, is it covered any licenses(MPLv2, GPL2 etc) by the attached document?

If we update the above legato environment in the future, does it change license document for each version?

For the latest license document, does it also cover any licenses to the previous legato environment?

Back Ground:
In the future, it is possibility to update legato environment, so we need to prepare the license document in each times.

Best Regards,

— HirokiLegato Open Source Licenses.pdf (1.0 MB)

Please contact sierra FAE as this is related to legal problem instead of technical question.

Hi, jyijyi

Make sense, I understand that legato forum can be supported only for Software topic.