[WP76xx][HW] Switch USB host or USB function

WP76xx_switch_USBHost_function.xlsx (39.9 KB)

Back Ground:
We would like to switch the function that WP76xx was operated as USB host or USB function.
In order to support it, we make the attached block diagram.

  • How to switch: control GPIO22 and GPIO23, and supply to power SW IC to supply Micro USB IF
  • How to recognize function: Check the logic via USB_ID or GPIO25

Please check the attached file as “WP76xx_switch_USBHost_function.xlsx”.
Can this block diagram support to switch either USB Host or USB Function?

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for hardware topic, please directly contact Sierra FAE.

Are we talking about USB OTG?

Hi, Jordan

Are we talking about USB OTG?

No, I talked the following behavior that;

  • USB Host: WP76xx supply voltage to external USB device
  • USB function: No supply voltage, only receiving data via USB

OK, I see. Then it needs a help from the HW team.

Hi Hiroki,
Please make SFDC ticket for this.