Device not getting detected at PC using USB


I have connected one end of USB to USB wire to mangOH Green board at USB Host (CN327) and other to PC. I am having hyperterminal on my PC to send or receive data.

Is there any device driver needed to be install to detect com port of legato device?

It looks like CN327 is the downstream USB port connected to the primary CF3 module in the mangOH green. So the mangOH green expects a USB device connected to that port. What are you trying to achieve?

1st question is
Can we use this usb port such that my mangOH device will be slave and PC will be host and vice versa ? is this USB is OTG supportable?
and 2nd is
how can I detect this mangOH device through USB connection at PC (for Ubuntu and windows OS)? is there any device driver to be installed or any process to follow?

My actual application needs this USB acts as a Host but currently for demo , We want USB to be act as slave.
can you please give me direction

According to the mangOH Green developer’s guide, the micro-usb port is OTG capable. I don’t know how to configure that behavior though. I believe there is a driver package for Windows available for the wp85 at