VsCode on windows

I’ve managed to get things working with visual studio code using the linux subsystem for windows as described in the following Run leaf / VSCode in Windows environment without VM (Experimental) thread.

However I’m running into the following issue: I can only get things to build when the whole project is in the linux subsystem. If i use the code in the /mnt/c/… the build immediately exits with Operation not permitted errors.

It appears that the building/copying of builddata to the folder is what goes wrong. So I’m wondering if it is possible to edit the leaf-workspace.json to set the build folders to something else (or some other similar solution). Is this a possibility, or am I going to have to find some other way to sync the data from the linux subsystem to windows?

I have found the following link to access the data in the Linux subsystem from windows. So this solves my issue, and I’ve tested it to see that it works.