Visual Studio code issues

I copied my working projects from Developer Studio and pasted to VS code. Projects do not work. To be honest I could only compile empty/very simple project under VS code. It is not enough i think :slight_smile:

I have problems with legato.h and interfaces.h .

I have got lots of errors:
identifier “le_spi_DeviceHandleRef_t” is undefined
identifier “LE_GPIOPIN2_ACTIVE_HIGH” is undefined
identifier “LE_SPI_MAX_READ_SIZE” is undefined

My .api files (custom one) are in the project but VS code does not see it.


I know Developer Studio is not perfect but, It works, has got much better interface and it is much more user friendly. My first impression of VS code is not good. Are you sure, you want to abandon DS? I feel VS will be causing more problems than DS.
One good thing - installation was very easy and quick :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback. This version of the Legato plugin for VSCode is a very early “preview” implementation, we are still working on development of it and it still has a ways to go before we can call it 1.0. Our plan is to continually provide updates of new features and and improve VSCode until it is able to take over as our supported IDE.

We do realize right now that it only works for simple implementations and we’re actively working to provide more robustness into VSCode so that it can handle complicated systems and apps. All that I can ask right now is that you are patient with us and realize that this is still an early Alpha version.

We do realize this is a change for our users, and is a different style of IDE, but it does provide more flexibility and the ability for you to use VSCode for multiple projects, not just Legato. Microsoft is really taking off as a leader of IDEs and VSCode has taken over as the most popular free IDE and provides support for multiple styles of development.

Any feedback you have is welcome and we will incorporate what we can into the final version. One of the big reasons that we put this version out early was to hear from the users of it as to what you wanted in an IDE.