Unable to Reconnect After Switching Carriers

We have had several instances in the past few months where our WP8548 switches to a US based carrier or goes offline and then can’t seem to establish a connection with a Canadian carrier again. Trying cm data connect and cm radio off and then cm radio on had no effect. The only way to restore a connection was to reboot the unit.

This state persited for several days across several different cells in our area. Thoughts on the cause of this and how to get the system out of this state?

Module: WP8548
Legato: 19.02.0

hi @dbeckwith,
I think this topic should be addressed to Sierra forum dedicated to framework and WP8548, not to Legato forum. see here https://forum.sierrawireless.com/

Can you indicate the firmware version used and the PRI ? (AIT3 ATI!PRIID? AT!IMPREF?)
which kind of SIM do you use?
does the issue happen on a very specific area?
can you provide some legato logs and some swilog plus log?



Sorry for the delay, I was away on vacation.

We are using the Sierra EasySIM. Yes this seems to be happening in Desolation Sound region. The modem firmware is 9999999_9904559_SWI9X15Y_07.13.07.00_00_GENERIC_001.040_000
Unfortunately I don’t have logs as these units are deployed with customers and we haven’t been able to recreate the issue in the lab.


hi @dbeckwith,
I come back on the description: what does mean “WP8548 switches to a US based”
did you move your plaform in another area ? or did you switch internally the software to match US network?
if the device goes off line, may be you can check at+cfun? and at!pcinfo to see if the device is in LPM and if any root cause is detected.
as I indicated before it is better to address this topic to the Sierra forum dedicated to framework and WP8548.