Data Connect Failure

Hi All,

We have four MangOH units that periodically experience a problem where we are unable to successfully run cm data connect. We are able to confirm that our radio is connected to a cellular network (see screenshot 1 below), then we run the cm data connect and the result is screenshot 2. I have also included some logs that may be helpful. This particular unit has been offline all day, we have tried hard-rebooting it (pulling power) and have even removed and re-added it to air vantage in case it was AV rejecting it, which we don’t believe is the case.

Screenshot 1

Hi coastalbrandon,
I am not able to find screen shot 2, but refer to last line in screen shot 1,

PS: Packet Switched Not registered (LE_MRC_REG_NONE)

It means the data channel (i.e. packet switch) is unable to register with network, while voice/sms may still works as CS is registered.

Better check with carrier the SIM subscription or try using working SIM from cell phone.


Screenshot 2


Thanks, but again, as per screenshot 1 “cm radio”, it indicate data channel is not ready so it won’t able to setup the APN data connection.
Best to check with network carrier or try using another SIM card.

Hope it helps.

Thanks Lotam, sorry for the weird post. I got blocked from the forums temporarily because i tried to post too many images!

It turned out that our SIM card had run out of data (sierra wireless card), so it blocked us from connecting. We tried another SIM and the problem went away.

Thanks for the support!