System requirements for Legato


What are the minimum system requirements for Legato?

Hi @Vamsi3012,

what do you mean? Like the framework that is meant to be running on an embedded device or the host tools such as mkTools or dev studio?

Hi @CoRfr,

Yes, I mean the framework. I found a .pptx that said Legato on wp8548 requires about 256MB of RAM and 128MB of ROM. Does Legato take so little memory?

That should be about correct, as our WP85xx actually seems to have 150MB available for the apps core and with the default set of applications there is still ~60MB available.
This also includes the kernel and non-Legato processes, so the framework + default apps by itself takes way less than the used 90MB, altough I wouldn’t be able to give you an exact number.

As for ROM, the framework as squashfs (so, compressed) takes 2.6MB. Uncompressed it’s about 3MB.
It does require a minimal Linux to work on though, so you would need a Linux kernel and busybox, and as for now it also requires a ‘workspace’ where it can extract itself and run from, altough we are making that optional by making a ‘read-only’ mode available, But still, overall a working Legato can likely be ported to a system that has less than 64MB of ROM without too much trouble.