Swiflash inconsistency


currently I can build Yocto from source and upgrade device

for Sierra there are two update tools , swiflash which is for upgrading via USB (bricked device state) and fwupdate which is the standard tool to be used when system is active

using fwupdate works great, however swiflash works terrible.

I can get swiflash to work, but every time it takes many, many attempts

the procedure:

using mangoH red, setting sw 7 to “on”, I on PC I see created /dev/ttyUSB0 (this is created only when setting sw7 on as expected)

but trying to update issues:

$ sudo swiflash -m “WP76XX” -i build_bin/tmp/deploy/images/swi-mdm9x2


Detecting USB of the target

No device connected

this is extremely frustrating, can you assist?

am am working on ubuntu 16.04, “real” PC not VM. even restarting the PC does not always help. I have installed swiflash via apt-get and I do have the current rules set


Hi @deadpoolcode

This has been reported a couple of times, and we work at having a reproducible process that would help for investigation.
Will keep you updated.


Thank you, this will assist a lot :slight_smile: