Fwupdate tool to flash image


Where can I find “fwupdate” tool to flash the firmware image on target? How fwupdate tool is different from swiflash?


Hi Yogesh,

Are you referring target tool “fwupdate” inside WP Linux?
If yes, please refer to http://legato.io/legato-docs/latest/toolsTarget_fwUpdate.html allow local upgrade without need of desktop PC.

For info swiflash is running on Desktop Linux used to flash/recover target (WP).

Hope it helps.


swiflash is a standalone tool, used principally for recovery purpose, requiring an USB connection (works even if the device is bricked, or without IP connection)
fwupdate is part of the Legato Framework host tools (you need to have Legato Framework installed on your host). It downloads over SSH (requiring an IP connection, and a device that is up and already running Legato).