Sandboxing non-Legato apps

I’ve read on the forum that people are putting non-legato applications into Legato sandboxes. Is this covered somewhere in the documentation? I’ve looked, and didn’t find it. At least, not explicitly.

Mkapp builds the app bundles. Can you put just anything you want into the app bundle, or does it have to bee applications built using the Legato framework?

It doesn’t have to be something that uses the Legato framework, but it needs to be packaged as a Legato app.

There is some doc here to package a legacy app in a sandbox:

If you build your software and then packages it using mkapp as a Legato application, it should work the same as any Legato app.

BTW from 17.05 there should be a way to provide instructions on how to do ‘external builds’ within a Component.cdef . For instance you would be able to ask mkapp/mkcomp do to ./configure && make for you.