Rebuild FX30 device Image to add new package to rootfs


Hi Jyijyi and Apmangoh

to add netcat and socat on rootfs, I need to follow standard Yocto process to add in local.conf file the necessary packages once this make compilation ends ?

Just confirming



Hi Jyijyi, Apmangoh,

For FX30 should we use FX30_WP8548_full_R14.0.4.002.tar.gz



Was able to build Legato-Dist-Source-mdm9x15-SWI9X15Y_07.12.14.00.tar.bz2 even able to add package netcat and socat and build it.

it will help

thanks in advance


Hi somkadam,

Good you could build the image with your packages.
Concerning FX30, I am not working on that so I can not tell you what is worth the most. I would say both well.


Hi somkadam,
For the FX30, you must use FX30_WP8548_full_R14.0.4.002.tar.gz otherwise your FX30 will not operate fully.



Hi Chris,

Thanks a lot, for the information.

Will use the same.

Anyways curious to know what is the difference between two ?


Hi somkadam,
The FX30 is built upon the stock WP source, but has modifications to support it’s hardware such as the GPIO expander, RS485 (for the serial version), and some software differences (FX30 firewall and login nagger implementation is different from mangOH).


Hi Chris,

Yes got it, thanks,

There should be a git to maintain the sources, or if its already there please point to it.


Hi somkadam,
Yes, this is in the works.


Hi Chris,

Thanks and I appreciate your help on this topic