How to add layer to legato yocto

hi everybody, I am new to yocto-legato but it seems this is working a little differently from classic yocto and I am not sure how to add a layer to the source.
I am building for fx30 catm R14, have downloaded the source and have added the new layer inside the swi-linux-src, now I have added the layer in the meta-columbia-x/meta-columbia-x-catm/ by adding a line:
enable_layer “meta-aws-sumo” “$OE/…/meta-aws-sumo”

This layer is compatible with yocto sumo and I can make however there is no layer in the rootfs.
Is there any extra step to add a layer or a guide on how to?

I used to do this in WP85 module, but not sure if it can do the same thing in FX30 cat-m.
Example on putting own files into yocto image.docx (15.7 KB)

@jyijyi thank you for your reply, I believe the problem is that I don`t have the ~/legato/packages folder on my host machine. I am building from ubuntu 18

it would be nice is some of the developers could write down or document some simple steps to add the layer as this is not very simple and require going through all the scripts used for making the legato image

Do you mean you just wanna to build the legato.cwe image?

we would like to add a layer, normally this by invoking the yocto-layer script as per you document, but after getting the source, checking inside the swi-linux-src/poky/scripts we don`t see this and the only similar script is the combo-layer which requires a config file.
Is this how you setup a new layer for the legato image?

I download the legato source by leaf tool, it is not related to the yocto source …

ok, I think we have sorted this out. What is the max allowed image for the rootfs, do you know?

ATI8 only shows one rootFS version

yes, I meant what is the max rootfs size you can flash to the device? We have added some layers and it came up to be 100MB, we could increase the roofs max size and the build was successfull but we can`t flash it to the device as the size is refused…

you can see here on AT!PARTITION