Read logs in App

Is there a way to read the live logs inside an App?
I am trying to make a monitoring app that monitors all my other apps and checks if they are running like they should. I am currently using le_appCtrl and le_appInfo to check the state of the app. But i would like to additionaly have every App write some kind of heartbeat into the logs. The monitoring app should read these logs and restart the app if it fails to send the Heartbeat. I don’t want to use IPC for that case, because i want the monitoring app and the other appps to run independently from each other.

Thanks in advance!

You can run an unsandboxed app to run

system("logread | grep xxx > /tmp/123.txt);

After that you can read the 123.txt to check

Is it possible to do this in a sandboxed app?

No, i don’t think so