Legato logging API issues


I’m running the helloWorld sample on my target (ar758x) but I connot see any logs. However when I disable sandboxed mode in the .adef file I can see logs. I’m using legato 17.05.
What can causes this issue ?
Thank you

Hi Badr,

How do you print and read the logs?

Are you using Legato logging API and tools?
If not, please refer to this link: http://legato.io/legato-docs/latest/howToLogs.html


Yes I’m using the Leggato api. I was able to strace my helloWorld and it’s a socket that cannot connect in sandbox mode (permission denied).
Do you have an idea to how to resolve this?

Edit : when I sbtrace it I have : app is trying to access ‘/data/le_fs/’

Hi Badr,

Just to clarify, you are using the sample app helloWorld without modification and it failed to print “Hello, world.” in logread?

If yes, it is strange because it should works by default.
Would you please share info below?

cm info
legato version
app info helloWorld

By the way, at beginning, you mentioned you are using AR758x, would be easier if you talk to the support team directly for assistance.


Hi L,
No In fact, I’m not using syslogd I’m redirecting logs. So I cannot use logread.
I have a question, How can I give my sandboxed app root privileges ? I read about CAP_MAC_OVERRIDE and smack rules but how can I use this?

Legato version : 17.05.0.rc6


Hi Badr,
Sorry, I cannot figure out the exact use case and setup why the Legato Logging API (i.e. LE_INFO) cannot go thru… the default helloWorld sample app give proper result in my case.

Please share the code/logs to understand, or please talk to your support team directly for better follow up.