Application RUN Status and Starting another Application

Hello all,

I have two questions regarding the Status of an applications under Legato. Assume the scenario that two Applications are loaded as “Auto-Start”: App1 and App2:

  1. How one of them (e.g App1) can know whether the other one (e.g. App2) is running or not?
  2. In case App2 is not running, how App1 can start it?

I have seen the situation where an App may cease running (due to a fault, Legato logs a message and kills it) and Legato is not restarting it although “faultAction: restartApp” is specified in the *.adef file. I want to monitor for this situation.

Is there a better way of doing this?


Hi farazo,

How about below APIs?


Hi lotam,

Thanks for the reply. That answers question (1), le_appInfo_GetState() can return the state of an Application.

How about the question (2)? If the App is stopped, how to start it?