Radio is off and won't turn on

I have a WP7603 with ATT R10.1 firmware. I’ve seen a few times where when the radio shuts down after being on for a long period (a day or more) and I can’t turn it back on programatically, or via the CM command on the command line. I don’t get an error, it just doesn’t turn back on.

Has anyone else seen this?

The device appears to be going into “Low power mode”. This doesn’t seem to be happening with a WP7601 and Verizon code.

If you have Developer mode installed then “Low power mode” is by default disabled. Also “Low power mode” is disabled when you are connected to device via USB debug port.

What is “Developer mode”? I’ve never seen that. I’ve only connected to the device via USB. I’m not using a Mango board.

Hello @EvetsMostel, You can refer to for information on devoloper mode.