Question about Yocto build with IMA

I follow attached official Sierra-Wireless doc to build yocto for WP7603 module with IMA enabled. I have created the IMA related keys, follow the step till step 4.4.
AirPrime - WP76xx - Integrity Measurement Architecture Application Note - Rev1.0.pdf (457.7 KB)

4.4 Yocto Build Process
Build all in Yocto with IMA support.
[user@x86-Linux]$ IMA_BUILD=1 IMA_CONFIG=<path-to>/ima.conf make <build-target>

My question:

  1. What we should put in build-target parameter?
  2. I tried just

$ IMA_BUILD=1 IMA_CONFIG=/ima.conf make

And it finishes instantly without anything in console output, which is strange, I was expecting it to build the yocto linux which should take long time. Do I miss anything?

is this path correct???


Yes correct, I simply did not make my true path used in my machine for privacy

I was trying to show this, but this forum remove what is in between <>


are you compiling in R16?
I can see the appsboot_rw_ima_wp76xx.cwe is compiled out after
IMA_BUILD=1 IMA_CONFIG=/home/owner/ima.conf make

Yes r16. Could you give me the complete command(s) used to build please? How long did it take to complete?

didn’t i already give the command to you?

Maybe you can try “make clean” and “make” first

I did the same command and nothing happen. Did it produce build_* directory for you?
I simply want to follow the official sierra wireless, but so far it does not work.

yes, I can see build_bin folder
Maybe you can try “make clean” and “make” first

But I dont see how it build with IMA?

so are you saying the steps should be ?:

  1. $ make clean
  2. $ make
  3. $ IMA_BUILD=1 IMA_CONFIG=<path>/ima.conf make

you can first try

  1. $ make clean
  2. $ make

see if there is yocto image come out.

I did before it does generate yocto image. But now I want it with IMA.

It means at one time:
$ make clean
$ make

It generates yocto image and do testing.

Now I want with IMA:
$ make clean
$ IMA_BUILD=1 IMA_CONFIG=/ima.conf make
Then nothing happen.

then you can try:

  1. $ make clean
  2. $ make
  3. $ IMA_BUILD=1 IMA_CONFIG=/ima.conf make

Are you saying the following step in official sierra is not suffice?


Please my intention is not just to see what seems working, but to understand it. May I know if you represent Sierra Wireless?

what did you see for

  1. $ make clean
  2. $ make
  3. $ IMA_BUILD=1 IMA_CONFIG=/ima.conf make

I see user’s frustration, going round and round.

My objective simply to know official Sierra-Wireless steps to build yocto with IMA. If you can’t confirm, let’s give other people chance.

If you are from Sierra, please adjust the documentation if not suffice, no finger pointing.

No user like to be told trial and errors.

so far I have bad experience in this forum :frowning:

ok, no problem.
You can wait and see if there is other people sharing their experience