Proper way to power off

I’m currently setting the DIP switch so that I need to manually turn the mangoh red board on.
In order to turn off the board, i’m running a software which checks the status of the GPIO35 pin (which is connected to a button) and then issues the “poweroff -f” bash command.

Is this the proper way of shutting down the board?

Sometimes I’m noticing an issue. In particular, when powering back on the board after a while it turns off. I connected via the console and I saw the following:

simple ril NW reg init complete
stopped restart_mbimd (pid 929)
[   26.769662] mbim_read: Waiting failed
[   26.774546] mbim_release: Close mbim filestopped mbimd (pid 977)
Legato shutdown sequence
Stopping Legato..[NOTIFICATION]
Finished Legato stop Sequence
Stopping QCMAP_ConnectionManager: no QCMAP_ConnectionManager found; none killed
Stopping netmgrd: stopped netmgrd (pid 682)

Let me know if I need to post the entire console output dump.

Am I powering off the mangoh board the wrong way?

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