How to get moving position from GNSS?

I want to know how to implement an application which monitors position periodically and update it.
Question being >>>>

Which is the best command to do this functionality ?

I did try le_pos_Get3DLocation() and le_pos_Get2DLocation() this gives me only co ordinates which got updated at the startup. I have no idea on how to implement other commands like le_pos_sample_Get2DLocation() I have tried this command too but failed misrably.

Any help would be appreciated. If Im doing it wrong please suggest me with alterative.

You may refer to the Sample application named as GpsPublish in MangOH project. You could clone the source code from

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Hi @JordanZhao

Sorry for dragging this long but Im unable to locate the application GpsPublish in MangOH project.

It should be in /mangOH/samples/Demos folder. Try update your mangOH project.

Hi @JordanZhao

Thanks for the reply.I did use the project for reference and got the follwing error

type le_cfg_IteratorRef_t could not be resolved
Symbol LE_CFG_TYPE_INT could not be resolved
Symbol DATAROUTER_CACHE could not be resolved

How can i resolve this ?

You can add this app in mangOH.sdef for compiling.

@JordanZhao thanks for the help that got it working.