OTA bundle upgrade failure

We have seen 2 occasions when an OTA bundle upgrade sent from AirVantage has failed to reboot the unit (R9 to R15.1). Once this happens the AirVantage connection is gone and the remote unit is unreachable. I do not know why this occurs. A reboot (physically powering off) seems to resolve and it comes up with R15.1. This causes a huge problem since the device is remote and there is no way to reach the device.

Is there anything we can do to prevent this from occurring.

Is there a problem if an application has obtained a wake lock. Is this somehow related ?


do you see problem if forcing module to be awake?

echo NO_SLEEP > /sys/power/wake_lock

Yea I see problem if module is forced to stay awake

then did you compare the logread with OK and NOK cases?
Is this only happening to upgrade application?
how about upgrading FW?

It only happens with upgrade of FW. Because only the. Reboot is done . We are trying to go from R9 to R15.1 (our own custom image) via Airvantage

The device fails to reboot and now it’s not operational because it needs a reboot to recover to new image

I have not compared with sleep enabled. Because all our units have sleep disabled and it is difficult for us to disable this

if you just upgrade the official FW image instead of your own custom image, will there be any problem?
I am thinking if there is problem for R9 to other FW like R14.1.