Air Vantage - Registration Expired (WP8548)

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We have 4 Mangoh Red units w/ WP8548 modules communicating to Air Vantage and have found that we are very frequently losing our session. Typically it will re-connect, or we will have to send a remote reboot to the device (through air vantage) where it will eventually reboot at the time of the heartbeat. However, we have now experienced on all four units a “Registration Expired” message where the unit goes offline completely and indefinitely until we physically power cycle the unit. Has anyone encountered and resolved this in the past?



Hi coastalbrandon,

Is this relate to SIM subscription state mentioned in this thread?


Hi Lotam,

No, it does not relate to the SIM card issue. Our system will run for days, and then it will go offline with “Registration Expired” and not respond to any remote reboots or remote commands. Our system is also sending photos over our cellular network, which continue to work since we are doing those outside of Air Vantage - this is most certainly an issue with keeping a session between legato and air vantage alive.


Hello I have the same problem. My system work 4 days and 7 hours.

I have added in the adef
faultAction : restart

It now good but not clean. I use WP8548 with legato 17.11. I investigate but not found the problem…


For information I use a custom avcController who manage the airVantage connection, network lost, OTA etc… and expose API to provide AIrVantage connection status for my application.

This avcController restart every 4 days (I add a sms start message) and not my application.

I continue to investigate.

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It happens when the session with airvantage is broken due to cell going offline (or wifi if that’s how you’re communicating). We included a watchdog in our code so that we can see if our session is broken, our systems have stayed on ever since.

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are you still facing any issue?
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Hey @plu we implemented a series of checks in our code that reboots the unit on different failures that cause a Registration Expired. We confirmed that the Registration Expired occurs when the unit is offline for a defined period of time, most of the time because the software on the WP locks up.

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Has this issue been resolved?

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Yes, we have a series of checks that we do that will reboot the device upon failure.