Node-red on fx30?


I am interested in the fx30 as an IoT gateway.

Is it possible to run node-red on the fx30 ethernet variant?

I am specifically interested in using the following node:

with these ethernet IO modules:

Is this combination possible?

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the tricky bit is gonna be in making nodejs work on the Yocto (which is 1.7 as far as of today on fx30 AFAIK).
There is a nodejs recipe in meta-oe but its super old:


So you would need to wait for a more recent version of Yocto, or you can backport more recent recipes.
For instance on Yocto 2.2 there is:


Otherwise hardware-wise I don’t really see any issue.


starting nodejs 4.x onwards, the crypto part relies on OpenSSL API’s that only exist starting OpenSSL 1.0.2. Yocto 1.7 (which is the version on the FX30 WP85 R14 and below) is based on OpenSSL 1.0.1.
So it is not possible to drag a 4.x nodejs on the R14 FX30.

Best is to wait for the Yocto 2.2 FX30 FW which should be the coming FX30 R17.
Yocto 2.2 comes with nodejs 4.6.1.
It will be also possible to drag even more recent nodejs versions from meta-openembedded (8.12.0).

I add here an app note on the yocto and FX30 topic. It provides lot of information on how to use yocto and particularly with nodejs. Is based on R14 FW and nodejs 0.8.18 though but gives good practice and exercice while waiting for the yocto 2.2 release.

Yocto_and_FX30_ApplicationNote_1.5.pdf (403.8 KB)

Also adding a deck explaining how to drag a more recent version of an existing recipe (using nodejs as example)
Add a bitbake recipe to framework _ v5.pdf (478.7 KB)

For record the application note covers:
how to build the default image,
how to add a pre-existing recipe,
how to create a new recipe,
how to add custom files and application(s) to the image,
how to configure the firewall rules of the image,
how to set the FX30 as DHCP server (both in command line and in the build image),
how to make the custom application automatically start at boot,
how to generate an AirVantage package of the custom application.

I am looking at adding Node-RED on a WP7607 module, and have come across this older topic. The application note is very interesting, but I’m wondering if there’s a newer version since Legato development transitioned over to using leaf? I have tried looking on the sierra wireless website today, but there are a lot of dead links, where it used to work when I last was looking for application notes. I’m not yet familiar with yocto, so would appreciate if there is an updated guide on how to do this.