No voltage on FX30 output pin

I’m trying to get the output pin I/O3 (Orange wire) on the FX30S to provide a voltage to drive a relay. Measiring it with a multimeter gives nothing relevant.

Currently the pin provides around 1-10 mV, to me that seems more like floating than being held low.

The relevant code is:

> le_gpioPin56_EnablePullUp();
> le_gpioPin56_SetTriStateOutput(LE_GPIOPIN56_ACTIVE_HIGH);
> le_gpioPin56_Activate();
> LE_INFO("Pin56 is high: %d", le_gpioPin56_isActive());

And the output of the pin read is 1, so it should be high.

Please try with sysfs command first, you can see the example below:

Thanks for the advice.
What do you suggest that I do with the /sys/class/gpio/gpio56/

I read the docs more closely and its seems that “EnablePullUp()” does nothing for gpio56 since the pullups are controlled by gpio54. So be setting gpio54 active solved the pulling up voltage.

A weird behaviour is that when gpio56 is set to Activated it is held low, and when its is Deactivated, it is pulled high. I don’t seem to be able to change that.