Error on Edge detection when Pull Up is enabled


I am working on FX30S modem and I am enabling Pull Up and registering an event handler function on GPIO22 (using le_gpioPin22_EnablePullUp and le_gpioPin22_AddChangeEventHandler, with LE_GPIOPIN22_EDGE_BOTH parameter, respectively).

I have connected the pin to a switch that is connected to ground. I don’t receive anything in the function that I have registered previously when I active the switch .

In other case, when I don’t enable Pull Up and I connect the pin (and the switch) to high level it works perfectly.

Do I have to configure any additional parameter? What am I doing wrong?


The FX30/FX30S implements circuits external to the WP module for supporting the pull-up resistor function - that is why configuring the “GPIO22” pullup (inside the WP module) is not working for you.

Please refer to section 3, table 3-10 (page 54) of the FX30S User Guide (41110485) - the pull-up resistor for IO3 is controlled with WP-GPIO54 (/sys/class/gpio/gpio54). To enable the pullup, output a HIGH to this GPIO.
the legato Api to use would be le_gpioPin54_EnablePullUp()
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