gpioCf3, pin value does not change


I am using the mangoH red with the IoT expension card

am I issuing high on GPIO24:

le_gpioPin24_SetPushPullOutput(LE_GPIOPIN24_ACTIVE_HIGH, false);
LE_INFO("gpioPin24 is High");

and on log I can see it’s set high:

Nov 18 06:48:56 swi-mdm9x28-wp Legato: INFO | gpioCf3Demo[1628]/gpioCf3PinComponent T=main | gpioCf3Pin.c Pin24GpioSignal() 27 | gpioPin24 is High

but when I measure the voltage on the pin I see “0”

please advice

Hi @deadpoolcode,
I think this topic should be addressed directly into the mangoh forum, the link here
best regards

Thank you.

it was a hardware related issue, but I agree :slight_smile: